LSD: Dream Emulator.

Back in the 1980s’, Hiroko Nishikawa kept a dream journal for around ten years.
In the 1990s’, when the Playstation 1 came out, he made a game using all the stuff he had gathered in his sightings.

The gameplay goes like this: You’re in first person view, and you move around, and touching anything links, or teleports you somewhere.

Nothing’s ever the same. I’ve been playing this game for about three months off and on and I’m still seeing new things every time I play it. (Running on an emulator of course.)

So if you can find a decent emulator and the ISO file, I suggest giving it a try. There’s a lot going on in it. It can scare the crap out of you, make you laugh, or make you think.

(The photos are just screencaps I’ve taken throughout my experience. IT FUCKS YOUR BRAIN UP, MAN)

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CONTEST: Decide who will be posted!

From now (Mar 25) until Wednesday (Mar 30) I will be taking votes on your favorite PSOne and PS2 survival horror games!

The rules are relatively simple. Send me an ask telling me what your favorite survival horror game from the PSOne or PS2 era is! Only one game should be submitted and you only get one vote. So, you must choose which era and which game you fancy more!

The winner will be announced on Thursday, Mar 31st and that weekend (Apr 1-3) will be devoted to nothing but screenshots, video, music, fan art, etc. of the game that wins!

Anonymous votes will not be tallied. As a last stipulation, you must give me a SINGLE game to post- not a whole series. If you say “Silent Hill”, I’m going to assume you meant the first game in the series!

This is all for fun (and to see who may be the most popular game from this era) so start sending me asks ASAP! The contest begiiiiins… NOW!

Feel free to reblog this! You don’t have to be a follower to vote- just send an ask!

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Parasite Eve 2

Parasite Eve 2

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Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve

10 November 2010 survival horror RPG Parasite Eve Aya Brea mitochondria monster creature screenshot in-game PSOne FYSH