tdlafifyi-deactivated20120221 said: There is a mod coming out for Halloween for Minecraft that will turn it into more of a survival horror experience. I still think though that the need to actually survive is frightening. Like with Lost in Blue, for me that's a very scary game because of how you have to take care of your character. Sure Minecraft doesn't have paranormal entities, or horrific visions, but I still think it can be considered scary.

No- there is a very distinct difference in atmosphere between survival situations and survival horror. It’s called HORROR for a reason. It’s not the same thing. Horror DOES require a deliberate element at work that is usually paranormal or psychological. It’s not a typical situation. There’s a serial killer, hallucinogenics, viral outbreaks, something that isn’t present in every day life. Horror is an offshoot of fantasy, so having something like standard survival which might be scary isn’t enough when you compare it to a genre.

If a mod DOES come out and actually makes Minecraft play like a survival horror game, you might see it featured here. But you’re not going to see Lost in Blue or Minecraft be featured here since they aren’t horror. Scary situations, perhaps. But it’s not horror.

15 October 2010